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Nogales Produce picks Paragon to improve delivery efficiency 1
Nogales Produce picks Paragon to improve delivery efficiency 2
Nogales Produce picks Paragon to improve delivery efficiency 3

Nogales Produce Inc, which provides Mexican fresh produce, groceries and restaurant supplies to more than 2,000 stores and restaurants in the South Central United States, has adopted Paragon Software Systems’ routing and scheduling software to help improve its delivery operations.

The specialist food supplier expects to save more than 15% in operational costs by implementing Paragon’s Single Depot software. It picked Paragon after a selection process that started with a list of 10 routing technology providers. Nogales preferred Paragon’s superior functionality as well as its compatibility with Nogales’ existing business applications.

Nogales’ customer base is varied, from mom-and-pop stores, through government facilities and school districts, to wholesale and retail operations. Its biggest customers require daily deliveries of up to two truckloads of Mexican food products, bringing the typical daily total to 3,000 deliveries. Large retail and wholesale customers, in particular, present fluctuating demand because they rely on multiple suppliers, some of whom fail to deliver, leaving Nogales to fill the gaps.

“We have to be able to adjust our staffing and our delivery schedule on a day-to-day basis to run efficiently,” said Albert Rodriguez, Nogales senior vice president of operations. “We didn’t have the knowledge we needed to be efficient, and without that we couldn’t serve customers the way we’d like to.”

Previously, Nogales relied on a manually produced schedule, with the task of adapting to short-notice changes left mostly to’ drivers—an inefficient method, since drivers don’t have access to the big picture of the delivery network.

Now, Paragon’s routing and scheduling software will allow a central planner at Nogales’ Dallas headquarters to quickly identify opportunities for greater efficiency while also enhancing customer service levels—even as the schedule changes.

Paragon Single Depot is powered by advanced algorithms that create optimized, feasible and cost-efficient routes quickly and effectively.

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