"> Descartes MacroPoint aids freight brokers - 53' Reefer Trailer Rental Experts

Descartes MacroPoint aids freight brokers - 53' Reefer Trailer Rental Experts

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Descartes MacroPoint aids freight brokers 1
Descartes MacroPoint aids freight brokers 2

Descartes Systems Group has successfully deployed its advanced capacity matching solution, Descartes MacroPoint Capacity Matching, with several freight brokers.

 The solution provides freight brokers with greater visibility to the transportation capacity available within their network of carriers and cooperating brokers. By unlocking previously trapped freight capacity using advanced visualization and analytical capabilities, freight brokers can cover more loads, build stronger carrier relationships and reduce costs.

“By leveraging Descartes MacroPoint Capacity Matching, TransAm Logistics is getting access to significantly more capacity than we would by only using our transportation management system (TMS). The solution provides visibility to capacity two to five days out which allows my team to be much more productive,” said Jared Taylor, vice president and general manager at TransAm Logistics.

Descartes MacroPoint, part of the Descartes Global Logistics Network (Descartes GLN), operates one of the industry’s largest visibility networks, which connects more than 100,000 road carriers and more than four million trucking assets and drivers. The reach and scale of the Descartes GLN enables freight brokers using the Descartes MacroPoint Capacity Matching solution to more effectively and efficiently match customer loads with available carrier capacity.

The solution combines three innovations: market visualization; artificial intelligence (AI)-based capacity matching; and a capacity co-op:

•Visualizing market capacity relative to open loads allows freight brokers to quickly identify which loads represent the best matching opportunity. Seeing carriers’ historical lane performance enables freight brokers to select the right carrier, thereby building stronger relationships and securing better rates.

•AI-based capacity matching provides freight brokers with the best-ranked carriers to call, and only includes carriers that have assets available. With a ranked list of carrier matches, freight brokers can cover loads in a fraction of the time.

•The capacity co-op provides an opt-in network where freight brokers can selectively choose to share their unused capacity in a secure way and get significantly more access to capacity in return.

Learn more at www.descartes.com.