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Dearman wins award for air quality technology innovation 1
Dearman wins award for air quality technology innovation 2
Dearman wins award for air quality technology innovation 3

Clean cold technology provider Dearman won the Innovation in Air Quality Technology Award at the annual National Air Quality Awards recently.

Dearman received the award jointly with Leeds (England, United Kingdom) City Council. Both parties worked together to test a zero-emission transport refrigeration unit (TRU) in the city and assess the impact of diesel TRUs on air quality.

Specifically, the trial sought to measure the reduction in emissions from using a zero-emission TRU compared with a typical diesel TRU.

The trial was backed with a £150,000 grant from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. It found that deploying zero-emission TRU would significantly reduce the amount of nitrogen oxides (NOx) emitted in the Leeds area.

Dearman’s groundbreaking TRU is powered by liquid nitrogen. In contrast to the diesel TRUs in thousands of UK urban trailers, it emits no NOx or particulate matter.

It has already been used in the fleets of Sainsbury’s, Unilever, and is currently being used by Marks & Spencer.

The National Air Quality Awards are held annually to celebrate the successes of industry, local authorities, transport and technology providers in tackling air pollution across Great Britain.

“We are delighted to have won a National Air Quality Award for innovation,” said Florian Wagner, Dearman’s commercial manager. “We have always been confident in the many benefits of the Dearman TRU, and the results of the Leeds trial back that up. I’d like to thank colleagues at Leeds City Council for facilitating the trial and ensuring its success.

“The trial showed the huge cut in harmful emissions that can be delivered by encouraging a switch to zero-emission TRUs,” he said. “There is an increasing climate to transition away from diesel to improve Britain’s air quality, and Dearman stands ready to help fleet operators who want to get ahead of the curve.”

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