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A Gift Inside deploys AiroCide solution 1
A Gift Inside deploys AiroCide solution 2
A Gift Inside deploys AiroCide solution 3

KES Science and Technology Inc announced that A Gift Inside has implemented the AiroCide Air Sanitation solution into its cold storage facilities and is sharing positive performance results.

A Gift Inside takes pride in every detail of the gifts it creates—from fresh fruit grown or sourced to chocolate confections made, dried fruit and nut trays designed—and every gift basket is hand-packed.

“By adding AiroCide units to our cold-rooms dramatically reduced the cost in maintaining our fresh fruit, and maintains the quality of fruit we work so hard to grow.” said Chiles Wilson, A Gift Inside general manager.

For more than 20-years, AiroCide has become a preferred air sanitation solution for the global food industry by helping maximize perishable shelf life along with maintaining product integrity by controlling ethylene gas and preventing airborne pathogenic cross-contamination.

AiroCide works by continuously processing contaminated air through a patented bio-conversion reactor. All organic material (bacteria, mold, viruses, odors and VOCs such as ethylene gas), are mineralized, leaving the exit air more than 99% contaminant-free. No ozone is utilized or produced, and no emissions occur.

Email [email protected] or call 1-800-615-9835 to learn more about A Gift Inside.

AiroCide is manufactured and distributed by Atlanta GA-based KES Science and Technology. For more information, contact Jimmy Lee at 1-800-627-4913 or [email protected]. You may also visit the website at www.kesair.com.