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Vector Back Office simplifies data entry 3

Vector, a mobile-first workflow and transportation management platform, has announced Vector Back Office solution to help carriers and shippers streamline data entry. It combines Vector’s smartphone scanning app with intelligent processing to automatically fill data into documents.

“Smartphones are very intuitive to use and integrate with existing systems, making complex tasks extremely easy,” said Brian Belcher, Vector’s COO and co-founder. “We built our platform to be used in conjunction with smartphones and the result is simplified document handling and creation for drivers and back office staff.”

According to Belcher, Vector Back Office “reads” all of the information in scanned images; whether it’s a printed document, handwritten notes, Scantron sheet, bar code, or data table, it’s identified and indexed. This is particularly useful for rendition billing.

 “Vector Back Office knows and detects all the information each shipper needs to have in its invoicing materials—even requirements that are unique to each specific customer—and gathers and includes it everywhere it’s needed,” said Belcher.

Through Vector, document templates are developed with each customer.  Templates can be highly customized or very straightforward.

“Then a document, matched to the template—such as a bill of lading—is scanned through a camera phone, or office scanner,” said Belcher. “Once the image is opened, the template ‘sees’ the information and automatically populates the data into the document. Vector even ‘learns’ a company’s workflows, as well as the requirements each particular shipper might have.”

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