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DeltaTrak showcased the next-generation FlashLink Real-Time Mini Loggers at the recent Fruit Logistica 2019 in Berlin, Germany.

The logger offers an extended battery life and is a cost-effective real-time device providing temperature, humidity and location information using GSM cellular technology. Shipments are tracked worldwide using DeltaTrak’s ColdTrak 24/7 cloud service. Reliable up-to-the-minute information can be accessed securely anywhere with user log-in and password on a standard web browser via PC or any Internet-ready device.

Using the same cloud-based dashboard, the FlashLink reusable logger monitors truck cooldown. Logger alarm limits can be set to loading temperature, and an alert will be sent so dock supervisors know which trucks are ready, improving efficiency by streamlining the loading process.

For the in-transit logger, DeltaTrak offers two models: one for most domestic shipments with a 15-day logging duration and data uploaded every 10 minutes, and a second model for longer trips with a 60-day logging duration and data uploaded every 60 minutes, ideal for export shipments. For the reusable logger, shippers can program their own trip duration and logging intervals.

The ColdTrak web portal provides enhanced features and lets growers and shippers upload documentation and archive data for FSMA, HACCP and regulatory compliance. Customers can customize high/low alarm settings, and alerts are automatically sent when out-of-range conditions occur.

The FlashLink logger is mounted on a highly visible shipping card that makes the units easy to locate inside a trailer or container. Each unit comes charged and ready to use. Shippers can simply start the logger with one-button activation and place it in their loads. The logger is enclosed in a durable case that protects the logger from external elements in a truck.

Phone 1-800-962-6776 or visit www.deltatrak.com for complete details.