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Versitex liners provide Sanafor protection 1
Versitex liners provide Sanafor protection 2
Versitex liners provide Sanafor protection 3

US Liner Company and Janssen Pharmaceuticals PMP announced their partnership that provides Sanafor antimicrobial product protection exclusively in US Liner’s Versitex AM wall liners.

Michael LaRocco, president of US Liner, said, “We are now offering a choice of two advanced thermoplastic liner solutions that will allow carriers to be compliant with the more stringent standards required under the Food Safety Modernization Act.”

Versitex, a leading reefer interior wall liner material, has been reviewed by the US Food and Drug Administration and was deemed compliant with established guidelines for food transport in refrigerated and dry vans. In addition, US Liner is introducing a new composite, Versitex AM, a wall liner with Sanafor antimicrobial properties designed to provide protection for the life of a trailer.

Sanafor is built into the Versitex AM thermoplastic panels during production, resulting in antimicrobial protection for the life of the liner. It does not wash off or wear away and helps provide ongoing protection against growth of bacteria, mold, fungi and algae that can cause stains, odors and product deterioration.

According to the company, Sanafor has NSF approval, FDA approval, is EPA registered and is produced according to GMP standards. Sanafor is also approved for use in Europe under BPR and REACH requirements and several Asia Pacific nations according to their specific guidelines.

Versitex AM panels still have the benefits of being recyclable, easy to install and repair and are not impacted by cleaning chemicals or abrasion. Traditional FDA-authorized Versitex is shipping to OEMs and fleets now. US Liner Versitex AM wall panels with Sanafor are available upon request.

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