"> Taylor-Dunn highlights horizontal handling systems - 53' Reefer Trailer Rental Experts

Taylor-Dunn highlights horizontal handling systems - 53' Reefer Trailer Rental Experts

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Taylor-Dunn highlights horizontal handling systems 1
Taylor-Dunn highlights horizontal handling systems 2
Taylor-Dunn highlights horizontal handling systems 3

Taylor-Dunn, part of Polaris Industries, is spotlighting its horizontal material handling solution, which it says is a more efficient alternative to forklifts for manufacturing and warehouse customers.

The company’s tug system allows a single operator to deliver an increased amount of goods to multiple areas within the manufacturing or warehouse facility in one run, using Taylor-Dunn tow tractors or stockchasers, coupled with Jtec industrial carts, versus traditional forklift methods.

The system works for cold-storage facilities with proper aisle widths to accommodate the vehicles and carts, the company said, although the vehicles are best charged in areas where the temperature is higher than 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

“Warehouse and manufacturing operations are changing,” said Keith Simon, vice president and general manager of Polaris Commercial North America. “As commerce surges worldwide, these industries must find creative ways to manage inventory and productivity while rethinking workflows to stay ahead of increasing demand and safety requirements.

“The Taylor-Dunn tug system helps improve safety, increases labor efficiencies and can reduce operating expenses up to 50%.”

Horizontal material handling solutions comprised of tow tractors, carts and trailers are replacing fork lifts for material deliveries throughout facilities, Polaris said. Forklifts play a role in material handling—storing pallets in vertical racking systems for example—but in many instances are used for tasks where better alternatives exist. As lean methods are implemented in most facilities, less lineside space is available for parts, and smaller aisles increase vehicle congestion and safety risk.

“We were pleased to add Polaris’ Taylor Dunn to our Jtec Authorized Reseller team in 2018,” said Jon Peterson, Jtec co-owner and president. “Our patented CarryMore Mother/Daughter Tugger Cart Systems, along with our CarryLite towable carts and CarryMax Heavy-Duty Trailers, are perfectly paired with their tuggers up front. Our products are built to last and designed with improved efficiencies and safety in mind.”

Compared to forklifts, Taylor-Dunn material handling can help reduce safety risk, improve labor efficiency and productivity, and save companies millions of dollars in operating expenses in as little as three to five years, the company claimed.

Taylor-Dunn tug systems are customizable, and the company’s material-handling products are built to standards that “ensure long-lasting durability and reliability,” it said. Jtec’s trailers are also “true tracking” which means the cargo trailers follow the preceding vehicle’s tire path, increasing efficiency of flow and reducing the risk of warehouse damage.

“Polaris and Taylor-Dunn have recognized the value of representing our Jtec product lines with their excellent tugging solutions,” Peterson said. “Their larger tuggers can even pull our massive CarryMax trailers, capable of holding loads up to 30,000 pounds.”