CIMC Intermodal expands chassis production in 2018 - 53' Reefer Trailer Rental Experts

CIMC Intermodal expands chassis production in 2018 1
CIMC Intermodal expands chassis production in 2018 2

CIMC Intermodal Equipment turned out 45,441 chassis in 2018, a 53% increase in production from 2017, the company reported.

“We were able to obtain this growth based on continued demand from our existing customer base and expanding our dealer network,” said Trevor Ash, vice president of sales and marketing. “Our products have been recognized as the gold standard in the industry.” 

CIMC Intermodal says it “significantly” increased production and sales over the past three years as a result of operational and organizational improvements, as well as a renewed focus on customer demands for chassis design and quality in North America.

The 45,441 units produced in 2018 at CIMC’s South Gate CA and Emporia VA facilities is record output for the company, CIMC said.

“There is no single definitive reason for our success in 2018,” said Frank Sonzala, president and CEO. “The record number of chassis built is due to many initiatives that were started back in 2016.  Our chassis are the highest quality with the best total cost of ownership results for our customers. We have the ability to take care of our customers both large and small because we listen to their needs and provide exceptional service.

“Another reason for our success is the exceptional quality of our employees. With an employee-centric culture and world class products, we will continue to build our market share in North America.”

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