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The release of Dynamic Systems Inc’s new Android-based Advanced Logistics software is right around the corner. It’s designed to be used in conjunction with an ERP or accounting system, or with SIMBA and offers real-time bidirectional communications. Scan a case barcode, and Advanced Logistics will display the case details.

Other features of Advanced Logistics include:

  • Blind receiving and receive against purchase order
  • Store items to a location in the warehouse for easy retrieval
  • Issue to work order, sales order, production
  • Use barcode scanners to count inventory at regular intervals
  • Load cartons and/or pallets to a sales order using a mobile barcode scanner
  • Unload returns by scanning the barcode
  • With its connection to your ERP, Advanced Logistics provides real-time inventory updates
  • Fresh food processors (seafood/produce/meat) can connect to SIMBA

Coming later in 2019:

  • Directed picking—When a pick list is downloaded, the software will direct the picker to the appropriate warehouse location.
  • Pack verification—Download a work order, sales order or packing slip, and have Advanced Logistics alarm the packer if the wrong item is picked.

Sales representatives at Dynamic Systems are barcode systems experts who can evaluate your company’s current processes and look for areas of improvement. The firm offers live, custom demonstrations of its software to qualified companies with information tailored to requirements of the industry.

Email [email protected] or call 1-899-342-3999 for more information or to set up a demo.