"> Hultsteins, Cold Connect develop 'diesel-free' reefer unit - 53' Reefer Trailer Rental Experts

Hultsteins, Cold Connect develop 'diesel-free' reefer unit - 53' Reefer Trailer Rental Experts

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Hultsteins, Cold Connect develop 'diesel-free' reefer unit 1
Hultsteins, Cold Connect develop 'diesel-free' reefer unit 2

Swedish truck-refrigeration manufacturer Hultsteins says its range of environmentally sustainable diesel-free systems set a new standard in low-cost, high-performance transport refrigeration.

Embracing hydraulic technology that draws energy from the truck engine and converts it into power to drive the refrigeration unit, Hultsteins incorporated its long-term manufacturing partner Cold Connect to produce a range of on-board power-generating units for single and multi-temperature goods transport.

”It is our belief that the integration of Cold Connect with Hultsteins will further develop the stepping stone towards cleaner electric refrigeration, providing sustainable solutions well into the future,” said Stephen Maile, Cold Connect’s director. 

Reducing fuel costs by up to 60%, the company said, the Hultsteins/Cold Connect systems work with rigid truck and tractor engines to cut Co2, Nox and particulate emissions, while significantly reducing maintenance and complying with urban emissions regulations—unlike conventional diesel-driven refrigeration units.

Hultsteins Ecogen EG25

Cold Connect Ecogen EG25 and SG25

Developed by Cold Connect for truck or tractor units, Ecogen is a slim-fit hydraulic drive generator that connects to the engine’s PTO and simply plugs into any refrigeration unit with mains electric operation. Fuel consumption and emissions are reduced while generating a constant 400-volt, three-phase electrical power to the same standard as the mains supply, the company claimed.

The Ecogen SG25 planned to highlight at this year’s CV Show was on a new Iveco Stralis LNG truck, making it a good choice for operating where normal lorry restrictions apply.

Hultsteins HS215 and HU13 

Produced in Sweden by Hultsteins, using hydraulic technology perfected since 1962, these units are front and undermounted, respectively, and designed for single and multi-temperature applications. Connected directly to the truck PTO, the HS215 and HU13 deliver constant full-power regardless of the engine speed. Both systems significantly reduce fuel and maintenance costs while cutting CO2, Nox and PM emissions, Hultsteins maintained.

“Fuel saving and reliable solutions with reduced emissions are common denominators for Hultsteins and Cold Connect,” Maile said. “This has given both companies a unique position in a market where diesel-powered refrigeration units are increasingly questioned.”