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FTR sets agenda for 15th annual transportation conference 1
FTR sets agenda for 15th annual transportation conference 2
FTR sets agenda for 15th annual transportation conference 3

FTR Intel recently set the agenda and opened early-bird registration for the 2019 FTR Transportation Conference, which is slated for Sept. 10-12 at The Grand Hall at Historic Union Station in Indianapolis IN.

FTR’s annual conference is recognized for delivering a complete and comprehensive outlook on freight transportation in North America. Attendees receive in-depth information from industry leaders on all the surface freight transport modes. Presentations and panel discussions will cover the economy, freight demand, competition between modes, carrier and shipper behavior, and demand for new transport equipment.

The conference offers content channels to help guide attendees toward the sessions most appropriate to their business needs. The conference kicks off with Transportation 101 sessions, designed to provide attendees with a high-level profile and exploration of the freight transportation markets, with breakout sessions for rail and intermodal or trucking. The five content channels for the rest of the conference are freightology, state of freight, shippers, brokers and carriers, rail equipment, and truck and trailer equipment. Top industry thought leaders will present on current topics within each of these tracks.

“FTR continues to create a unique space for all industry participants to increase their knowledge and insights,” said Jonathan Starks, FTR’s chief intelligence officer. “The addition of our Freightology sessions really brings to bear how the market is changing and reacting to a surge in technological development. The consumer is leading the way, but business is rapidly following. And companies involved in getting those consumers all of their needed items quickly and efficiently need to be on the cutting edge of these rapid changes.

“More importantly, FTR attendees are active participants in our discussions and panels. Nothing increases industry knowledge more than direct input from industry leaders. Join us later this year to hear insights on such diverse topics as the impact of used truck pricing, next generation power-gen, and tech-enabled freight matching, plus much more.”

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