"> Stay Metrics upgrades website to better reflect mission - 53' Reefer Trailer Rental Experts

Stay Metrics upgrades website to better reflect mission - 53' Reefer Trailer Rental Experts

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Stay Metrics upgrades website to better reflect mission 1
Stay Metrics upgrades website to better reflect mission 2
Stay Metrics upgrades website to better reflect mission 3

Stay Metrics, a provider of driver retention tools for motor carriers, recently introduced a new, upgraded website.

As the first major upgrade to its website in four years, the new site capitalizes on innovations in mobile-friendly design and engaging layouts, the company said. It also coincides with a recent branding refresh by Stay Metrics and a major shift in how it describes its products and services.

“We believe the new look and language of this site better represent the experience clients have working with us,” said Mary P. Malone, vice president of business development. “We want our website to do more than highlight our products. We want it to show the success our clients are having and demonstrate how other carriers can experience similar results.”

One of the major redesigns of the site is a story-based services page. Instead of listing the services the firm provides one by one, this section tells a story of an average carrier and how working with Stay Metrics transformed it from losing drivers to inspiring driver referrals.

This story approach then leads into individual pages explaining the various tools Stay Metrics provides, including its Onboarding Surveys, Annual Driver Satisfaction Survey, Exit Surveys, Driver Rewards and Drive Safe/Drive Fit training series.

The other major new feature is the turnover calculator. This tool allows carriers to enter the number of drivers they have, their percent of turnover and their cost to hire a driver. If a carrier does not know their cost to hire, Stay Metrics provides the industry average recently reported by the Truckload Carriers Association’s Profitability Program of $11,000 as a default option. The calculator tells carriers how much turnover is costing them each year, and they can experiment to see how this cost changes if turnover rates or driver counts change.

“The Turnover Calculator shows in a new way something we’ve known for a long time: turnover can cost big,” said Tim Hindes, Stay Metrics CEO and co-founder. “A lot of carriers view retention initiatives as a net negative budget item, but seeing the actual cost of turnover and understanding how much can be saved by reducing it reveals the ROI of investing in retention, especially over the long-term.”

Stay Metrics will continue providing regular content updates to the public on its new website, including helpful blog posts, research reports and case studies. Previously released case studies that can be viewed today include: 

Load One, expedite carrier who reduced turnover from 74.3% to 25.8% in two years

Liquid Trucking, tanker carrier who reduced turnover from 68%-24% over four years

Brady Trucking, oilfield carrier who reduced turnover by 31% in their first year

Usher Transport, tanker carrier with an exceptional reputation and innovative use of the Stay Metrics rewards program for continued excellence in retention

For more information, visit staymetrics.com.