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Hultsteins: Diesel-free refrigeration is here to stay 1
Hultsteins: Diesel-free refrigeration is here to stay 2

The Hultsteins and Cold Connect team recently showed a range of environmentally sustainable diesel-free systems they say sets a new standard in low-cost, high-performance transport refrigeration.

Since highlighting the new systems at this year’s CV Show, two new Volvo FH units were fitted with Ecogen SG25 systems at Hultsteins’ factory in Sweden, the companies said. Running the diesel TRUs by using electric from Volvo’s truck engine, Ecogen is expected to slash running costs by up to 85%, while decreasing maintenance costs by 50%. Furthermore, noise will be significantly reduced, they claimed.

“Not only does Ecogen improve fridge efficiency and running costs, but also it reduces particulate output by 95%, CO2 by 85%, and in urban environments drastically cuts NOx emissions,” said Steve Maile, managing director for Cold Connect.

“(It’s) good for operators and the environment, too.”

Embracing hydraulic technology, which draws energy from the truck engine and converts it into power to drive the refrigeration unit, Hultsteins incorporated its long-term UK manufacturing partner Cold Connect to produce a unique range of on-board, power-generating units for single- and multi-temperature goods transport.

Reducing fuel costs, on average by up to 60%, the Hultsteins/Cold Connect systems work with rigid truck and tractor engines to cut Co2, NOx and particulate emissions, while significantly reducing maintenance and complying with urban emissions regulations—unlike conventional diesel-driven refrigeration units, the companies maintained.

Hultsteins and Cold Connect also recently installed their ‘Green SG25’ on an LNG Iveco tractor unit, which they said soon will be available for demo use, via Dawson Rentals.

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