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DI’s AUGMENTOR 2.0 empowers suppliers to create, connect 1
DI’s AUGMENTOR 2.0 empowers suppliers to create, connect 2

Design Interactive, a provider of augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) training solutions, recently released Version 2.0 of its AUGMENTOR transportation-focused solution featuring a new web portal for creating, editing and distributing training modules.

“AUGMENTOR 2.0’s web portal empowers suppliers to rapidly create content and connect them with fleets and dealers,” said Matt Johnston, division head of commercial solutions for Design Interactive. “Vendors and OEMs can use the web portal to create procedures and publish to the cloud as quickly as it takes to write and send an email. Fleets and dealers can download the content to mobile devices or the Microsoft HoloLens headsets.

“Version 2.0 of AUGMENTOR ties everything and everyone together, so procedures and training materials are always current, and campaigns can be developed and distributed almost instantly across multiple fleet and dealer enterprises.”

Augmented reality content, including procedures and training created by suppliers or OEMs in the AUGMENTOR web portal, supplements the ability to create content on headsets right at a vehicle in the shop. This gives AUGMENTOR unparalleled flexibility and increases the efficiency of content creation and distribution, the company said.

Earlier this year, Design Interactive made its AUGMENTOR solution’s training modules available on Android and iOS mobile devices. The mobile applications include an AR mode that lets technicians visualize procedure steps where they are conducted. For example, if a vehicle requires an inspection of its brakes, the steps are placed near or on that component or system, and users can see 3D virtual representations of parts for reference during inspection or repairs, Design Interactive said. The mobile app also includes videos, audio messages and text instruction. 

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