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Schneider moves up in list of top 3PLs in North America 1
Schneider moves up in list of top 3PLs in North America 2
Schneider moves up in list of top 3PLs in North America 3

Schneider recently advanced its position in the Challengers quadrant of the Magic Quadrant for Third-Party Logistics in North America list of providers compiled by Gartner, a research and advisory company that produces the tool, which is designed to assist supply chain leaders in their selection process.

The list is intended to be a comprehensive overview of third-party logistics providers (3PLs) potential customers can use in evaluating their services in North America. Schneider says it continues to climb the list because of its “expertise and robust offerings to customers.”

Compiled every two years, the Magic Quadrant evaluates top 3PLs to see how they compare with each other across a variety of criteria. The two major categories for placement are Ability to Execute and Completeness of Vision. Within each category, there are additional evaluative criteria used to inform the final score.

Criteria are created to define “what good looks like” for logistics providers based on capabilities, strategies, services and operating models, Schneider said.

“Logistics outsourcing can be an effective strategy to apply innovative technologies that optimize a supply chain’s visibility, flexibility and profitability,” said Mike Kukiela, vice president and general manager of supply chain management at Schneider.

“Advancing within this exclusive list shows we continuously offer valuable expertise and resources to customers looking for logistics solutions.”

The final scores plotted 3PLs on the Magic Quadrant graph, where they are identified as Leaders, Challengers, Visionaries or Niche Players. Schneider advanced its position in the Challengers quadrant, where 3PLs are defined as performing traditional logistics functions exceptionally well for customers.

Schneider says its strengths include:

  • A broad spectrum of truckload, intermodal and international transportation-related services and expertise
  • A segmented approach with customers graduating its services and relationship complexity
  • Direct access to capacity in a tight market

Shippers who want information on how Schneider can apply innovative and forward-thinking services to help manage their business needs can learn more at