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EasyFresh releases book covering reefer logistics history 1
EasyFresh releases book covering reefer logistics history 2

EasyFresh recently published a new book called “Reefer Shipping & Logistics: History, trends, and future of the logistics of perishable goods.”

The global reefer logistics supplier said the book soon will be available for free at easyfresh-logistics.com. It’s also available as a hard copy or free pdf by writing [email protected]. The hard-copy version will have “a little cost” to cover printing and remittance expenses, the company said.

EasyFresh also said the book is available on Amazon Kindle for 99 cents.

Book overview:

Today’s reefer logistics can’t be understood without knowing the origin of reefer shipping. In 2019, this scene wouldn’t be uncommon, but imagine in 1868, when the closest avocado orchard is an ocean’s length away, ice is months out of season and the demand for meat in the United Kingdom far exceeds available supply. How could you sort out this problem? Easyfresh deals with it in a book written by Ekaterina Fefelova for Plymouth University.

This book shows readers how cold-chain solutions are applied for fresh and frozen cargo trades in a world full of challenges and bottlenecks. Starting with a clear ‘story’ of an incipient industry, more than a century ago, the text constructs the developments and keystones of the reefer industry throughout the years.

The different chapters and themes use practical cases to explain a complex trade, which now involves online grocery retailers and other dynamics. The book is designed for industry members who are involved in reefer shipping and logistics, and for individuals interested in understanding the importance of the food supply chain in a handy, summarized way.

To see the book’s Table of Contents, visit easyfresh-logistics.com/news.php?nid=250.

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