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FourKites partnering with TAT to fight human trafficking 1
FourKites partnering with TAT to fight human trafficking 2

FourKites, a leader in predictive supply chain visibility, says it is partnering with Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) to help in the fight against human trafficking.

Human trafficking is an estimated $150 billion criminal enterprise that exploits 40 million victims globally and impacts every state in the US. Effective immediately, the FourKites CarrierLink application now includes one-touch access to the National Human Trafficking Hotline (NHTH), giving truckers an expedited way of reporting suspected trafficking activities.

TAT’s mission is to empower truckers to be the “eyes and ears on the road,” assisting law enforcement’s efforts to curb the scourge of human trafficking. The organization educates, equips, empowers and mobilizes members of the trucking and busing industries through a variety of training and partner programs and resources, and urges them to report suspicious activity along their routes.

“Human trafficking is a horrific violation of human rights that should concern everyone,” said Mathew Elenjickal, CEO of FourKites. “With our technology in the hands of hundreds of thousands of truckers out on the roadways every day, we wanted to do our part to provide a simple, powerful new way for them to reach TAT and the National Human Trafficking Hotline. We’re very happy and appreciative to lend our support to this critically important cause—one that many of our shipper customers and carrier partners actively support, as well.”

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To date, more than 2,250 calls have been made by truck drivers to the NHTH, resulting in the identification of 612 cases of trafficking and more than 1,100 victims.

Kevin Kimmel, a driver for CFI, is representative of the power truckers wield to make a difference. After noticing a suspicious RV at a truck stop, Kimmel called authorities. That phone call resulted in the arrest and sentencing of two traffickers to 40-plus years in prison, and saved the life of a young woman who is now safe at home with her family in Iowa.

“When I saw the young girl’s face, I said that’s not going to happen, I’ve got daughters and granddaughters,” said Kimmel, who now talks extensively to drivers about TAT and their potential to make a difference.

Used by more than 150,000 drivers, CarrierLink is designed to help drivers improve tracking quality and optimize the delivery process. With more than 10% growth in downloads month-over-month, FourKites said, CarrierLink now is putting a range of tools at drivers’ fingertips that generate efficiencies and enable them to do good in their communities.

“The fight against human trafficking can only be won through the extensive cooperation and coordination of many good individuals and organizations,” said Kendis Paris, executive director of Truckers Against Trafficking. “Partnering with FourKites to provide this one-touch hotline access to the company’s huge network of carriers is a welcome addition to the tools and programs available to help drivers discover and disrupt trafficking.”