Schneider snags MercuryGate Leadership/Influence Award - 53' Reefer Trailer Rental Experts

Schneider snags MercuryGate Leadership/Influence Award 1
Schneider snags MercuryGate Leadership/Influence Award 2
Schneider snags MercuryGate Leadership/Influence Award 3

Schneider recently was presented with the Leadership/Influence Award for its brokerage division by MercuryGate International, a provider of Transportation Management System solutions.

MercuryGate recognized Schneider as part of its 2019 Velocity Awards, which honor high-achieving companies using MercuryGate TMS software to drive innovation in transportation and logistics. According to MercuryGate CEO Joe Juliano, the winners were nominated and honored by the MercuryGate employee base in appreciation of those who “demonstrated leadership and innovation in their industries.”

“We’re proud of the strong relationships we have with our customers and our partners,” Juliano said. “We continue to work together to innovate and deliver clear, measurable business results.”

Schneider was chosen because of its strong industry influence and willingness to lead with agility, the company said. MercuryGate noted that members of the Schneider team have quickly become experts at using its platform, allowing them to excel at onboarding new shippers.

“We’re so pleased that MercuryGate has presented us with this prestigious award,” said Schneider’s Erin Van Zeeland, senior vice president and general manager of logistics services. “We’re even more grateful that our work with them is powering our ability to make it easier for shippers to do business with us and meet customers’ growing need for load status updates and supply chain visibility.”

Schneider Transportation Management is a leader in the brokerage segment with over 27,500 prequalified carriers who meet the strict qualifications and standards set by the company, Schneider maintained.

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