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AIT Worldwide Logistics opens newest location in Mexico City 1
AIT Worldwide Logistics opens newest location in Mexico City 2

AIT Worldwide Logistics recently opened a new location at the Mexico City International Airport as it continues its global expansion efforts.

“We’re eager to expand our reach and strengthen our service offerings with this newest location,” said Vaughn Moore, AIT president and CEO. “Mexico City is a major hub and a key city for our growing international network.

“This office will play a significant role in broadening our scope of solutions between Mexico and the United States, as well as Asia and Europe.”

According to Moore, AIT-Mexico City will provide a complete array of logistics products, including transborder expertise, warehousing, customs brokerage and IMMEX services, with a focus on air freight, particularly in the automotive, food logistics, technology and life sciences sectors.

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Placing AIT’s fifth location in Mexico in the continent’s most populous city, and at the country’s biggest airport, was a strategic decision, according to Daniel Estrada, AIT’s managing director in Mexico.

“We’ve been looking forward to adding Mexico City to our network,” he said. “It’s a mecca for major business, with tremendous client diversity, access to our current customers and government agencies, and a location central to growers in the southern part of the country.”

According to Estrada, increased access to farmers is a key differentiator for the food logistics market, as is the cold chain infrastructure already in place at Mexico City International Airport.

“We selected an on-site location at the airport because it gives us direct access to the cargo terminal, speeding up turnaround times and communication,” Estrada said.

The AIT-Mexico City opening comes on the heels of AIT-Mexico’s recent election to the World Freight Alliance (WFA) board of directors.

Founded in 2003, the WFA network of freight-forwarding logistics companies from around the world offers global, cost-effective freight solutions. Estrada will join Greg Weigel, AIT’s executive vice president, to present an overview of AIT-Mexico’s scope and capabilities at the next WFA board meeting Oct 21-24 in Budapest.