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Lite-Check helping Grand Island improve reefer trailer uptime 1
Lite-Check helping Grand Island improve reefer trailer uptime 2

Randy Kunze, maintenance director at Grand Island Express, is a believer in Lite-Check’s Verifier fleet maintenance management system.

Grand Island—a refrigerated carrier in Nebraska that boasts 245 trailers dedicated to hauling temperature-controlled loads in 28 states—acquired its first Verifier system for testing trailers in the yard in early 2018.

Kunze’s objective was to use the system to identify vehicle problems while in the lot for expedited maintenance scheduling.

“With the Verifier, test reports from the yard are immediately available upon completion for creating work orders and scheduling saving considerable time,” Lite-Check said. “Parts, materials and bay time assignment prior to moving the trailer has improved his shop operation and improved trailer uptime.

“As a result, road calls have been reduced for additional savings.”

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The system’s automatically downloaded trailer data reports “significantly” improved shop scheduling, Kunze maintained. Trailer air loss, ABS faults, tire conditions and electrical faults are flagged for repair, and the trailer is placed out of service. Visual inspections include notes and photos for physical issues.

Management reports identify the top issues to address and trends to monitor for further action. As the number of reports increases, additional predictive analysis covering tire wire, failures and more is made available.

Kunze also was able to customize his Verifier report with specialty items, including refrigeration, tire inflation system monitoring and weight gage inspections.

“With the Verifier app, every item must be inspected in a prescribed order, requiring the technician to follow company practices,” Lite-Check said. “Technicians, with minimum help from Lite-Check, have found the Verifier easy to use and intuitive, producing over 300 reports per month.”

New trailers can be bulk downloaded into the cloud platform with complete trailer identification and specifications, helping simplify downloading the report header, and directing the technician with the correct information.

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