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Volvo Trucks improves uptime with new dynamic maintenance 1
Volvo Trucks improves uptime with new dynamic maintenance 2
Volvo Trucks improves uptime with new dynamic maintenance 3

Volvo Trucks recently introduced dynamic maintenance, a connected vehicle maintenance service that seeks to improve fleet operations efficiency through proactive and flexible vehicle-specific maintenance planning.

The company said it designed the service in partnership with Noregon Systems, an IoT company specializing in connected vehicle solutions.                    

“Volvo Trucks is committed to increasing uptime, knowing the value it provides to fleet managers and owner-operators whose businesses depend on their trucks’ ability to stay on the road,” said Ashraf Makki, product marketing manager at Volvo Trucks North America. “Dynamic maintenance is designed to optimize planned downtime by enhancing maintenance planning.”

Volvo Trucks said its new dynamic maintenance service expands its partnership with Noregon and opens new capabilities with vehicle telematics. The new service uses existing connected technologies and data analytics, combined with Noregon’s platform, to enable customized service plans to an individual-vehicle level to help improve fleet operations efficiency.

“We are pleased to expand our longstanding relationship with Volvo Trucks,” said Tim Bigwood, Noregon’s CEO. “Customers recognize that Volvo has a history of investing in opportunities that directly influence their vehicles’ uptime and we are grateful to assist in those initiatives.”

Dynamic maintenance leverages intelligence from vehicle data analytics using enhanced software features from Volvo Trucks’ Remote Diagnostics systems, Volvo Trucks’ ASIST service communications platform, combined with Norgon’s Trip Vision Interface. It is designed to allow a more accurate approach to planned maintenance needs, and replaces traditional ‘set-mileage scheduled’ service appointments.

Currently, dynamic maintenance is specific to powertrain-related maintenance services in Volvo Trucks.

“The expanded partnership with Noregon enhances the customer interface, bringing the decision-making process closer to the customer through the dealer to enhance service efficiency,” Makki said. “This allows customers to further improve efficiency in their operations and cut down on potentially unneeded, routine maintenance costs and associated downtime.”