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ReposiTrak launches Certified Compliance Partner Program 1
ReposiTrak launches Certified Compliance Partner Program 2
ReposiTrak launches Certified Compliance Partner Program 3

ReposiTrak, a leader in compliance, food safety and risk management for the supply chain, recently introduced its Certified Compliance Partner Program, which the company says allows suppliers to verify adherence to regulatory compliance and safe manufacturing standards when sourcing foods or products globally.

The ReposiTrak Compliance & Risk Management suite includes the food safety and compliance solutions the company says are a cornerstone of its brand. With 320,000 buyer/supplier connections across the platform and endorsements of trade groups such as FMI, ROFDA and GMDC, ReposiTrak has established itself as the industry standard.

Suppliers can earn their certification when they achieve a consistently high rate of compliance with multiple trading partners, according to ReposiTrak. In selecting new suppliers on ReposiTrak’s marketPlace, retailers often favor suppliers who have a consistent record of supply chain safety and transparency.

“The ReposiTrak Certified Compliance Partner Program lets suppliers showcase that they have embraced the compliance process that’s so essential to managing supply chain risk and safeguarding our nation’s food supply,” said Randall K Fields, chairman and CEO of Park City Group. “When retailers and grocers look for new sources of supply, they are more likely to select suppliers with a proven record of compliance.”

Suppliers qualifying for ReposiTrak’s Certified Compliance Partner Program will be authorized to use the program’s trademark in corporate collateral and sales material. They will also receive a priority listing in ReposiTrak’s system search for compliant suppliers, as well as being highlighted on ReposiTrak’s website as a compliance leader.

Suppliers can learn more about how to participate in this program by visiting