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Krone highlights Cool Liner trailers for Noone, McArdle 1
Krone highlights Cool Liner trailers for Noone, McArdle 2
Krone highlights Cool Liner trailers for Noone, McArdle 3

German trailer manufacturer Krone recently showcased five new trailers delivered to fleet customers and the Volvo demonstration fleet.

The lineup, designed for the Ireland, United Kingdom and European markets and displayed at the Annual Fleet Transport Awards in Dublin, Ireland, included a double-deck Cool Liner, a steel-sided Dry Liner, an insulated Dry Liner, a command-steer City Liner and a dual-temperature Cool Liner. 

The double-deck Cool Liner trailer, specified with Krone telematics, including auto-tire pressure and temperature monitoring, joined the Noone Transport fleet.

DG McArdle International ordered the dual-temp Duoplex Steel Cool Liner, another trailer in Krone’s temperature-controlled lineup. It features lightweight Krone ISOWALL and was built for McArdle’s pharmaceutical operation.

“We have been using Krone Cool Liners for many years and have always found them to be of the highest quality,” said David McArdle, managing director at McArdle International. “Our reputation for nearly 25 years is built on reliable service, and given the high value of the goods we handle, it is imperative we use only the best trailers to provide maximum load protection.

“It’s what our customers expect.”

Caffrey International, another well-known operator, took delivery of the Steel Dry Liner. Specified for its high security and multiple-option ‘keyhole’ internal loading system, the Dry Liner joins Caffrey’s extensive European logistics fleet.

Meanwhile, Volvo recently added two other variations of the Krone Dry Liner to its demonstration fleet: A tandem-axle, command-steer City Liner, used to test urban routes in London, and an insulated Dry Liner, which, loaded to 44 tons gross vehicle weight, is used for test drives and PR/photography assignments.

“The reason we return to Krone is because of the high build quality and finish, which match our specific demands,” said Martin Tomlinson, Volvo’s head of media and product demonstration. “The Krone quality ethic is comparable to our own—an uncompromisingly high standard of product with a premium service to match.

“As always, with Krone, in both respects we know where we stand.”