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Rite-Hite: Dok-Vu delivers clarity to logistics operations 1
Rite-Hite: Dok-Vu delivers clarity to logistics operations 2

Rite-Hite recently introduced Dok-Vu, a paperless software system designed to deliver a new sense of clarity and order to logistics operations.

The company says traditional methods of coordinating operations, including spreadsheets, two-way radios and yard checks on foot, provide limited, outdated information, and make communication difficult, possibly leading to frustration, for employees and customers, slowed operations and risks to the workforce and bottom line.

So Rite-Hite worked with customers to develop Dok-Vu, which it says is an entirely new way to make operations run smoothly, from dock logistics to trailer management, with synchronized, real-time communication.

“Many of our customers struggle to keep everyone on the same page in the yard, the office and at the docks, which holds back productivity. But fundamental change in communication processes can also be challenging,” said Tim Kubly, business development manager for Rite-Hite Digital Solutions. “So we made Dok-Vu incredibly easy and intuitive to implement.

“Once customers get set up with the software, they quickly appreciate the smooth and paperless process.”


Benefits of using Dok-Vu include:

  • Employees involved in logistics functions can see at a glance status of every dock and trailer.
  • Carriers can avoid long lines and wait times by checking themselves in and out getting text alerts on unload status.
  • Managers can manage appointments, monitor dwell times and help keep docks fully utilized.

With everyone working together efficiently, facilities can better control detention and demurrage charges, labor costs and shipping accuracy, the company maintained. In addition, Dok-Vu’s intuitive loading dock dashboard allows managers to review current trends and historical data to make more data-driven decisions and help identify additional improvements they couldn’t see before.

Learn more by contacting Tim Kubly at [email protected] and requesting a personalized demonstration.