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International logistics operator chooses Ekeri for secure loading 1
International logistics operator chooses Ekeri for secure loading 2
International logistics operator chooses Ekeri for secure loading 3

Virginia International Logistics in Ireland recently expanded its fleet with a new Ekeri trailer it says is making a difference in loading and handling on national and international routes.

Specializing in food products, fast-moving consumer goods, electronics, manufacturing and pharma products, the family-owned business operates every day between Ireland, the UK and throughout Europe. The company’s 120 trucks and 400 trailers are supported by three ambient and chilled warehousing facilities in Ireland—the main one is in Virginia, County Cavan—with a fourth distribution and forwarding hub in Tamworth, England.

“We knew someone who had been operating an Ekeri for 17 years and not least, the remarkable condition of the trailer made us take a closer look,” said James Cole, co-director at Virginia Logistics. “Also, we were very impressed by the combination of high security and multiple loading access through the sides.

“(It has) all the speed and ease of a curtainsider but with the strength and reliability of an insulated van-type body.”

Much of the cargo handled by Virginia Logistics is of high value, Cole said, and certain routes are prone to migrants attempting to board vehicles as they pass through ferry terminals. Both factors helped convince him Ekeri’s trailer was right for the job.

“The multiple side-door opening on both sides of the trailer enables us to quickly access any part of the load and this is important for multi-drop routes,” Cole said. “Plus, with remote central locking, we can be confident that nobody but us can gain access to the inside.”

Cole also said that, with the diverse nature of Virginia’s freight, the trailer’s internal strapping system enables them to secure virtually any load at any point along the aluminum trailer bed. The Ekeri trailer is carrying a mixture of fiber bales, plastic bins and pharma products.

“The Ekeri strapping system is truly one of a kind,” Cole said. “There are channels in the floor and ceiling along which the straps can slide, so unlike conventional systems, there are limitless strapping options, which helps us to make optimum use of the load area.”

Virginia’s origins date to the 1960s, when Johnny and Bridie Cole founded Ramor Transport for local milk deliveries. In 1982, the present company was formed and now is run by their four sons: James, Sean, Eamon and Ray, who are co-directors of a fast-expanding logistics operation now extending as far as China and the US.

“Although the Ekeri Trailer is just one small part of a large vehicle fleet, it’s already pulling its weight,” Cole said. “Built to last, it does everything we want it to and certainly lives up to the name, Easy Loader.”