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Carrier Transicold South is the Southeast’s leader in 48′ and 53′ Refrigerated Storage Trailer Rentals.

We understand that at certain times of the year your business may need to carry and store a larger than usual supply of goods. We offer great temporary refrigerated solutions right at your dock with unparalleled service offering safe and easy storage.

Our refrigerated storage trailers fit right at your dock and can be dropped off and set up quickly. Our trailers are available year-round, which means that your seasonal products have a safe, temperature-controlled space to remain in while your current items are displayed in-store. Our trailers are available in single temperature or dual temp (freezer and refrigerated) models. Our dock high accessibility is designed to make it easy for you to access anything you need right at your dock for incredibly easy unloading and loading. Also, you have your choice of roll up and swing doors.

We are the industry leaders in service (other rental agencies call us) and use only the industry leading Carrier Transicold units.

Carrier Transicold’s trained professionals will first drop off the specific type of trailer you requested, then we’ll take the necessary steps to ensure it’s set up and working properly. If in the event your refrigerated storage unit malfunctions, simply give us a call for full support. Our job is to make sure that you always have a secure and reliable place to store your inventory.

What Your Get:

  • Size: 48′ and 53′ refrigerated storage trailers
  • Diesel and Electric Reefer units to meet your power needs
  • Rear Doors: Roll-up or swing rear doors
  • 24/7 service line (don’t let precious inventory spoil)
  • Dock: Dock height trailers
  • Multi and single temp trailers
  • Trailer clean-out available

For Mobile OTR Trailers, Click Here

We rent by the week or month.  We also deliver, set up and pick up as well as provide complete 24/7 service support during the rental period. We have 15 service locations and 30 mobile trucks at your call! Practical and reliable, our reefer storage trailers will keep your temperature-sensitive seasonal and sensitive products safe right at your dock for easy access. Contact Carrier Transicold to learn more about how we protect and save you better than anyone.

Our Mission is to Secure Your Product

We want you to recognize us as the most capable, best-equipped provider of refrigeration storage trailers and support in Atlanta. That’s why we concentrate on being the experts. This is our business. We have the knowledge and the products, but most important we offer world-class service.

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